5 Tips on Small Business Web Design in Daytona Beach

As the owner of a small business that does Web Design in Daytona Beach, I talk to a lot of other small business owners about their websites. Over the years, I have learned several things that can help a small business succeed in getting leads through their websites.

First of all, what qualifies as a lead from your small business’s website? A form fill or a phone call is a lead. Yes traffic is important, and you have to have it to get the all important contact from a prospective client,  but your web design firm should be focused on generating leads, not just traffic.

Okay, so how do I do that you ask?

Tip 1) Have a great looking and easy to navigate site

small business web design in daytona beach by Drive Group LLCIt used to be that in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the way a site looked really didn’t matter all that much. Just ten years ago–nearly prehistoric in internet time–search engines mostly just read and cataloged the words in your website content and underlying code and weighted them using an algorithm to determine what your website (and business) was about, paying little to no attention to how the site looked. That has changed over the years, and now, how nice the site looks and the overall user experience play an important role in the website’s search engine ranking. So it’s important to have nice looking design with decent photography (that you own the rights to). If you can have photographs of the staff, or at least the owners, that’s a great addition, because it’s like a introducing yourself to a potential customer in advance. Make use of colors that are appropriate to your business. Color theory is a whole other topic–but it matters–consider the following: Do you build swimming pools? Use lots of blue and white and probably stay away from green. Are you an accounting firm? Probably best to stay away from red.

Tip 2) Have good content that’s focused on your client

One thing that we often see with small business websites is an inclination to have content too focused on the business and the owners’ experience and not enough about the client. That’s not to say you shouldn’t talk about being knowledgeable in your field, it just means that it’s important to think about HOW you talk about your experience. Always try to frame your abilities in the way that it can benefit a potential client. Instead of saying “20 years of Tax Preparation Experience,” say “Answering Our Clients’ Tax Questions for 20 years.”

Tip 3) Make your phone number stand out

What do you want a user to do when they get to your site? If you have an eCommerce website, you want a user to buy something, so you will probably advertise a sale at the top of your home page. That’s an easy one, what if you’re an attorney though? You want phone call, a form fill, or an instant chat request. Put it up top where it’s easy to see. It never ceases to amaze me how often I see small business web sites that either do not display their phone number prominently, or–believe it or not–do not have a phone number on them at all.

Tip 4) Make your phone number clickable on mobile

More and more users are browsing the internet on their phones. Most of the websites we manage see a minimum of 20% of their visitors accessing the website on a mobile device, and some are as high as 60%. When you are thinking about how a potential visitor to your site will behave on a client’s website, I like to think about myself–and how I use the web–and when I’m on a local business website on my phone, it’s in generally one of three scenarios:

Looking at a website on Mobile Scenario A) I have previously researched their services on my laptop, which has a bigger screen that makes it easier for me to do research (i.e. I can have a spreadsheet open with pros and cons on different businesses) and I am ready to set up a meeting, check their store hours, make an appointment, etc. All actions that are likely to take place shortly before I am about to make a purchasing decision.

Looking at a website on Mobile Scenario B) Something is seriously in need of fixing: I have a leak that’s flooding my crawlspace, I’m locked out of my car, I forgot to buy flowers for my anniversary (for the record, this one is purely theoretical in case my wife is reading this). All scenarios that are very likely to lead to a phone call or a sale.

Looking at a website on Mobile Scenario C) I’m at my local sports bar, and I’m trying to remember the name of the Dolphins’ back-up quarterback that started most of the 1972 season for Bob Griese. Just kidding, everyone knows it was Earl Morrall.

Back to the point though, those first two scenarios are real examples of when I would be browsing the mobile version of the website on my phone. With that in mind, you should definitely make sure the phone numbers on your site are clickable.

Tip 5) Do other forms of advertising like vehicle wraps

vehicle_wraps_daytona_beachIn our 10 years as a web design firm in Daytona Beach, we have launched a lot of small business websites, and I can say from experience that the businesses who are working to advertise themselves in other ways always out perform those that do not, particularly when their websites first launch. We have a swimming pool company that got their first request for an estimate on building a pool three hours after the site went live. That is very unusual. The same can be said for an HVAC company we work with. I believe this is because they both have vehicle wraps on their service vehicles that feature their URLs and services. Why wraps? I specifically use wraps as an example because while they seem expensive to design and install, they are cheap compared to other forms of outdoor advertising, you can wrap a Ford F150 for $5,000 and have a billboard rolling around town for 5 years. Over that same time period an actual billboard could cost $36,000 (And that’s at only $600 per month). If you do the math, a wrap is a great bargain.


So who should you hire for your Web Design in Daytona Beach? Drive Group of course. We do our best to make sure your site represents your business well and generates leads for you. Thanks for reading.

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