How Important is a secure website for your local business

Secure Website and SEO

It surprises me that not all business websites are secure these days. I was on a local business website the other day, and I got the little security warning that you see when a website either doesn’t have a security certificate, or it is not configured correctly. I’m sure the business owner is unaware, of it, or if they are, probably think it is no big deal if they have a secure website. That was true a few years ago, but it is far from true today.

I don’t take credit cards on my website, so I don’t need a secure website, right?

Have a local business that relies on it’s website for any business? If you don’t please call us, we can help. More evidence came out today that you absolutely must have a security certificate. That means all websites that someone might want to find in that search engine. Say one that starts with a “G” and ends with an “oogle.” Not just eCommerce sites, not just sites that retain user data. All websites need to be secure websites. If they are going to in Google Search Results reliably that is. And that’s the whole point right?

A couple of years ago, Google made some major changes. They started pushing down non-secure websites in their search engine results pages, or SERPS. That’s because they feel like sites that are not using an SSL certificate are a danger to their users. It can compromise user security and they want to encourage a safer internet.

Today they released more information that favors a secure website over an insecure one.

As of today, they say they are removing sites that have contain spam (as a result of hacking) from search results:

Spam on hacked websites: We reported in 2017 that we had seen a substantial reduction of spam from hacked websites in search results. This trend continued in 2018, with faster discovery of hacked web pages before they affect search results or put someone in harm’s way.   While we reduced how spam on hacked sites affects search, hacked websites remain a major security problem affecting the safety of the web. Even though we can’t prevent a website hack from happening, we’re committed to helping webmasters whose websites have been compromised by offering resources to help them recover from a hacked website. 

So what does that mean for you as a business owner? Unlike most SEO solutions, this one is fairly simple. Hire a professional to install and maintain a security certificate for your website. It’s fast and will definitely help your site be more prominent in search results.

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