Print Design

Branded print materials look more professional

Not every business needs printed materials. But if you do provide printed materials with information about your business to potential customers, it is very important that those materials match your overall brand and continue reinforcing you as an expert.

Print materials Top of Mind Awareness

If you are a business that has the benefit of repeat customers. Sending a regular mailing to them that will sit on their kitchen table or office desk can be a great way to stay top of mind when they are considering using your services.

Print and Digital work together to improve your brand recognition

One mistake that a lot of business owners make is thinking that their digital presence is enough. It’s true that digital is the primary way new customers are influenced and inform themselves to make a purchasing decision, but digital has another benefit, it also increases the effectiveness of print materials dramatically. The print materials need to maintain the same brand message and continuity though, and that’s where we come in.

Make it easy for customers to remember and refer you

One thing that’s hard to beat about a good old fashioned newsletter or brochure, is that it is still a very easy way for your current customers to refer you to someone they know that is looking for your services. They can’t hand them your website, but they can hand them your business card, brochure or rack card. When that potential new customer sees that collateral piece, regardless of what it is, it is very important that it matches the message that’s on your website and in all of your digital advertising.

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