Project Review

Illustration and Website describing Sea Level Rise

Illustrations for University of Central Florida-CHAMPS Lab

Project Overview

  • Project: Illustrations for University of Central Florida-CHAMPS Lab
  • Client: Illustration and Website describing Sea Level Rise
  • Services:

The Goal of the illustrations

The CHAMPS Lab was in need of several illustrations that they could publish in various technical publications. These illustrations would show the effects they were anticipating from Sea Level Rise (SLR). The effects themselves are spelled out in the paper that was submitted to the journals, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Not being oceanographers ourselves, it was important for us to understand the information that we were trying to convey, so we went and met with them at their lab at UCF, where they explained the overall effects, and how they would like them to be visually depicted.

The Resulting Illustrations

The end result was a series of illustrations that would display the effects of SLR on a cross section of coastline over the period of several decades. It included the effects of wave height on overall coastal erosion, an SLR barometer to help illustrate the gradual increase in sea-level, and a final storm-surge version of the cross-section, showing worst case scenario of a hurricane hitting at peak SLR.

The Website

One of the other goals was to put the visuals into an interactive website and stitch them together into a flip-book style animation where a user could drag a slider to see the effects of SLR over time. In designing the website, we wanted to represent all of the various coastal areas that would likely be effected by SLR. So the visuals for the site include an inlet, tourist industry related buildings, residential coastal homes, coastal infrastructure, coastal vegetation, the state’s fishing industry, and sea-life.

Additional Illustrations

After completion of the initial set of illustrations, we created another set of drawings for the CHAMPS lab that was specifically intended to show the effects of SLR on coastal wetland flora.

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