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Direct Mail Postcards Postcards and Print Materials for Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists

Direct Mail Postcards and Print Materials for Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists

Direct Mail Postcards are a great way to broadcast information about your business to a specific geographic region. For the past several years, we have been creating direct mail postcards for one of our first clients, the Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists, also known as TARA. TARA is a Trust whose purpose is to help promote the careers of responsible musical artists. They do this by holding an annual charity benefit featuring artists such as Ben Taylor, The Dan Signor Project and Kevin Mahogany. The annual benefit itself consists of a silent auction, a live auction, and a concert to raise awareness of the featured artists. When the event is over and the tickets are counted, TARA gives all of the proceeds of the benefit to a local charity. They typically raise between thirty-five and fifty thousand dollars for othe charity of their choice.

How we help promote the event

Aside from selling tickets and taking donations on a website we developed for them, every year, we also create the promotional print materials for the annual benefits. These materials have included a direct mail postcard, a concert poster, a backstage pass, print advertising in various area publications–the benefits are held in Naples, Florida–and an e-newsletter. In order to make each year’s materials unique to the event and appropriate for the artist, we start by researching the artists, listening to their music and generally developing a feel for the style of music they play. We then create a typographic look, photography style, and color palette for the benefit. We basically create a miniature brand for each event. This allows us to easily create materials in all sizes and mediums that will work together as a family.

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