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Sandy Bottom's Logo & Website

Sandy Bottom’s Logo & Website

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  • Project: Sandy Bottom’s Logo & Website
  • Client: Sandy Bottom's Logo & Website
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The Sandy Bottom’s Logo

Steve and Phil, the owners Sandy Bottom’s Food Truck, came to Drive Group before they even had the food truck, they just had a great idea for a food truck. They asked us for help with developing their brand, and we are so glad they did. What Graphic Designer worth their salt wouldn’t love to create a logo for a company named “Sandy Bottom’s!” So we got out our sketchbooks and thought about how we could create a design that communicated the fun, unique and Florida inspired nature of their menu, while having as much family-friendly fun with the Sandy Bottom’s name as possible. We developed several versions for them, and while they all had promise. The version that won out, was a great choice. We went through several rounds getting her face and sunglasses just right, and it was worth it, it ended up being a memorable logo that never fails to get a reaction.

The Website and the Logo/Brand

Once the logo was finished, we moved on to the website. We found photography that represented their menu well, and incorporated it into a down-home brand identity that uses food related colors and natural textures to convey the freshness of their food and the beach vibe they take with them everywhere they go. And like any good brand should, it can be rearranged using all of the same elements to work as a rack card, website, pocket folder, brochure, restaurant menu, etc. Always retaining the same brand elements so all pieces, both print and web, look at home together.

One of the most common reactions they get to their logo is that even though the letter “B” is sideways to form her bikini bottom, it is still very legible, and easily reads as Sandy Bottom’s.

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