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RFQ Design, 50th Anniversary Logo & Website

Quentin L. Hampton Associates

Project Overview

  • Project: Quentin L. Hampton Associates
  • Client: RFQ Design, 50th Anniversary Logo & Website
  • Services:

RFQ and Print Collateral Redesign

Quentin L. Hampton Associates is a Civil Engineering firm that does work solely for Central Florida Cities, Counties and Municipalities. In the bidding process, they are often competing with larger national firms for contracts with these entities. One of the key benefits their business provides is that, as a local firm, they can provide better customer service than the larger national firms can. So when they decided to outsource the creation of their Request For Qualification Responses (RFQs), a local firm was the natural choice. After looking at our work, QLH decided that we could create a piece that would represent them well and show that they can stand up against the competition. And we did, but instead of just creating an RFQ, we designed a brand system whose elements could be recombined in various ways and translated into other print collateral and online pieces. Five years and 60+ projects later, the brand is still holding up

The QLH Website

As a well known local engineering firm that has been around for over fifty years, QLH was not in need of a website to generate buzz, or advertise their business. Instead, they needed a site that would reflect their capabilities to someone already considering them for a project. The brand system we developed helped us do this by allowing the website to match the look of the RFQ, and any other printed materials. Thus making them look like the well organized and experienced business they are.

Other pieces that use the brand system

Aside from the RFQ and the Website, the branding system has been used to create another website that is still in the approval and revisions process, a tri-fold brochure, a sell sheet, DVD packaging, multiple trade show graphics and several large format posters.

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