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Logo, Business Card, Rack Card, Pocket Folder & Website

Logo Design, Print Media & Website for Mobile Golf Academy

Project Overview

  • Project: Logo Design, Print Media & Website for Mobile Golf Academy
  • Client: Logo, Business Card, Rack Card, Pocket Folder & Website
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Mobile Golf Website

Patrick with Mobile Golf Academy had a great idea for a business, bringing a golf course and driving range to a corporate event, a hotel on the beach, a college or high school, even a party. The idea was to create a memorable and immersive experience, but when he sat down to talk to us about doing a website for his business, it became clear that to really convey his idea to potential clients, he needed a nice logo design and print collateral along with a new website. That’s because he was going to be going out to meet with people at places that may not have internet access beyond a cell phone, and he needed something to leave behind to sell his idea for him, and eventually drive them to the website.

It all starts with the logo design

There’s a saying in marketing that goes something like this: “A bad concept can look good with great execution, and a great concept can look bad with mediocre execution.” That is a rule we live by at Drive Group, so it was important to us that all parts of the MGA business package were finely crafted. In that spirit, we created a Logo for MGA that looks professional and conveys the concept of his business through shape and typography. And it works equally well as just the mark, just the typography, and with the mark and typography combined into the full logo. This allows the logo to work at all sizes and in any format.

Logo Design + Other Elements = Brand

In the process of designing the pocket folder,  we were careful to consider the brand elements so we could use them interchangeably on different pieces. That means sourcing good photography, coming up with a complimentary color palette, designing textures–all of the things that designers love to obsess over. The folder was ready to show the client when disaster struck, the client called and said:  “A friend of mine took some great pictures for me, can we use them on the folder?” This can be a bad thing, often the resolution is poor, the style is too different, there’s a variety of things that can go wrong in this scenario. Luckily for us, the friend was a professional photographer, and the shots she took were amazing, so we happily included them with the other photography, and a brand was born.


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