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Marketing website with seasonal design versions

Kings Transportation Group Website

Project Overview

  • Project: Kings Transportation Group Website
  • Client: Marketing website with seasonal design versions
  • Services:

Website with a local vibe for a long-time local company

King’s Transportation Group has been in the Daytona Beach area for over 75 years. So when they asked us to design their website, it was important to us that the overall feel of the site reflect their strong roots in the history of the Daytona Beach community. The owner happens to be a talented photographer, so we sent our photographer out with him around town to take photos for different areas of the site and then combined that with purchased photography, to give the website a genuine local flavor. As far as content, that was easy, the owner had created dozens of pages of great content, and determined the navigation he wanted, so it was up to us to build out a site to look great, and was SEO friendly while taking advantage of all the great content that had been provided to us.

Adding a custom fare calculator

While we were working on the website, the owner asked us if we could build an application that would calculate a users cab fare right on the website. While we had never built anything like that, we love a challenge, so we got to work. After a little research, writing a few lines of Javascript and PHP to communicate with the Google Maps API, we created a custom web app that accepts a pick-up and drop-off location, takes the distance and traffic along the route into consideration and correctly estimates the fare to within a few cents.

Making it Mobile Friendly

This site was developed back before all sites pretty much had to be mobile friendly. In his business though, particularly for the taxicab division, it was important for their website to be easily accessible by someone at a bar or restaurant. So we created a mobile friendly version of the site that even five years later, passes Googles “Mobile Friendly Test” with flying colors!

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