I Googled “Ormond Beach Web Design Company”

Ormond Beach Web Design Company Warning Dad Joke Ahead

I guess we are ranking well for “Ormond Beach Web Design Company.” I know that because I had the pleasure of meeting a new business owner the other day. She walked into our office after finding us online. In talking she says something I hear all the time. “I need a website for my business.” We go on to discuss all of the things she needs. Online ordering, her story, pictures of the product etc.

All of her requests are  standard and so I take some notes and provide my ideas. All of this takes place shortly before I would call it a day, so I was still thinking about it on my drive home. Something occurs to me as I’m reviewing the conversation in my head. And that is that while she wants a website, we spent very little time talking about the website. Now, we were talking for over forty-five minutes. So how can that be, you ask? It is because we mostly talked about that the website will do for her. Get info out about her products. Which will get people to want to buy them. Then collect payment.

Then I realize, it is not an Ormond Beach Web Design Company she needs. What she needs is customers.

It reminded me of a time in my twenties. I went over to my parent’s house. I had a fish tank at the time. It seems like I needed to drill a hole in a rock.

So I tell dad, “I need the drill and a quarter inch bit.”

And he says, “You don’t need the drill.” he says.

Always the wise guy, I think as I look around.

My father waits patiently to say the punch line.

When the time is right, he says “You don’t need a drill, you need a quarter inch hole!” At which point we had a good laugh.

A classic dad joke. But it’s true. I didn’t need the drill, or want the drill. I needed a hole in my rock.

It is a bit of a long way to go about saying the obvious. But I do love a good dad joke.

Web Design is really all about getting leads.

And that is the point. And this is the thing to remember when you are thinking of a website for your business. It’s all about the leads.

Our website clearly worked that day. I know because I asked how the new business owner heard about us and she said “I just searched for Ormond Beach Web Design Company and Drive Group came up. So I thought I would come talk to you.”

I am glad she did.

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