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Google My Business Listing Ormond

Google My Business is important for your business. So it is key that you make sure you claim your listing and that it is correct.  Not sure how to claim your business? Then go to this page Google created to walk you through it. And do yourself a favor and either do it yourself or work with a reliable local digital marketing agency to help you do it. Do not ask your intern or nephew to do it. Why? because they will more than likely use an email address that you do not have access to. That is not a problem right away, but in a year or two when you want to update your listing, you won’t be able to easily. We see it all the time.

Save your Google My Business password

The password system is silly. That’s because idea that a person is going to recall a different password for every site they go to is not realistic. But it is what it is as they say. And this is an important one. Do yourself a favor and write this password down and put it in a file in your office. That way when you, or someone else needs to make a change to your Google My Business listing, it is possible.

What to do with fake Google My Business listings

Do you get those maddening calls? The ones that claim to be “with” Google or “from” Google. Some days I just want unplug the phone. Spoiler alert: these are most likely not from Google. They are from someone trying to get you to pay them to claim your listing. Hang up on these people. Not only are they not offering a valuable service, they are often creating fake accounts for businesses. We recently took a call from a local business owner that saw his name in a listing but it was not his phone number. It was the phone number for one of his competitors. There are millions of these accounts all over the listings. What can you do? You can report them to Google, but there is another important thing to do.

Don’t just rely on Google

They are not the only guys in town. Bing, Facebook and Yelp all have free map listings. Use them. That’s because by spreading out your business listings, you protect yourself. You never know when one of them might decide to ban your listing. Who knows why it might happen. It could be a glitch. But if you are 100% reliant on that website to direct people to your website, you are in trouble. Years ago there was a realtor in a major metro here in Central Florida. He just relied on Facebook for getting clients. One day, a competitor complained that he was using copyrighted materials he should not and they pulled his Facebook page. Was he in the wrong? It doesn’t matter. Because the fact is, his only way of getting leads got taken away indefinitely.

Rely on things you have control over

Like what? Like your website. That’s because your website is 100% controlled by you and should be an important part of your online brand. Make sure it has an address on all the pages and that it matches exactly what you put in the listing services, which should all match by the way.

Too much to remember? Then hire a reliable local digital marketing agency to help manage it for you.

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