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Google ads announced several months ago that they would be requiring ID to run some types of ads. The change was first aimed only at political ads. That’s because they were worried that people not part of the campaign could place ads. That is obviously a problem, so they are now requiring ID from advertisers and agencies that manage those ads.

It is not just election Google Ads any more

They are now asking for ID from those running other types of ads. It may be because there could be bad actors out there taking out negative ads for competitors. The reason is not clear. The results are clear though. If you or your agency ignores the request for ID, they will shut down your ads.

Pay attention, because it is easy to ignore emails from Google Ads

How many calls and emails do business owners get daily claiming to be Google. I get at least three a week. We also get the non stop emails from off shore firms that are trying to sell you something by claiming to be Google. Those emails you should ignore for sure. that’s because you are always going to have better results with a good local agency that knows their stuff. A firm that does not know the area, the culture, and your needs are never going to do better than someone that will sit down (or zoom) with you and talk about your business needs.

Don’t ignore these emails

Do not ignore these emails though. They will send more than one, so you have many chances to respond. Just be sure that you carve out a few hours to do this. It can be time consuming to keep get this completed. There are specific requirements for what they will take as proof of ID. The one that we use is the W9. All businesses have them and if they do not, it just takes a minute to email it.

Here’s what we recommend

First of all, call Drive Group and let us handle it all of your digital advertising for you. If you are doing it yourself though, this is what to do. Have a scan of your complete and signed W9 and drivers license (or some other form of government ID) ready. Then log into the interface and immediately go to the contact us area. Fill out the form and when you get to the part about ow should we contact you, choose “Chat.”

When someone responds, tell them what the problem is and they will walk you through to the solution. Plan on your Google rejecting your ID. I am not sure why this is the case, maybe because there are not real people looking at the documents. For what ever reason, Google may reject the first time. When they do, get back on the chat and go through it again. Then repeat as you need to. At some point, you will get approved.

Good luck!

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