Businesses Surviving Covid-19 in Volusia

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: The most important thing about this trying time is that we all stay home, stay healthy and try to stop this awful virus as soon as possible. When we must venture out,  we have to take every precaution we can to protect ourselves and others. That said,  those of us that own businesses are trying to keep the doors open and our employees at work. I for one feel like that is an important part of our response as well. This post is intended to address that part of the crisis, and that part only.



Some businesses are seeing an increase in business due to Covid-19 in Volusia County

We have a lot of home service businesses for clients. And contrary to our expectations, their requests for estimates are increasing in many cases. The specific businesses we have seen increases in are home services companies. I have a theory on the reason for this.

We are longing for our national pastime

SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t baseball.

Okay, I know a lot of people miss baseball (myself included).  But I’d be willing to bet that even more people miss another American obsession.

Buying stuff.

Combine our need to buy stuff with the fact that people are spending all day staring at a computer screen. You are going to end up with a lot of online shopping.

As the quarantine wears on, people are buying essentials online, and bringing their leisure activities home.


What businesses are seeing this increase?

There is no way to know for sure. But in talking to three business owners that have seen an increases in business due to Covid-19, there seems to be a trend. These businesses improve the lives of those stuck at home. So they are seeing increased activity through their websites. The three types that we have specific information on are swimming pool contractors, pest control companies and AC companies. Here’s why I think they are seeing this increase in activity on their websites.

Pool Contractors

If you have three kids at home instead of in school, you may be dreaming of having a pool. If you have the resources to put one in, and have plenty of time on your hands, why not work through an estimate on that awesome backyard for the summer. Depending on the area they are building, our customer may not be able to pick up a shovel, but they can certainly pick up a phone. So they have a salesperson talk about the project, get a deposit, and start sending some 3D renderings of how the pool will look.

Pest Control Companies

Our pest control clients have been seeing more contacts come through early in the morning, from 2am to 7am. Here is a scenario I think might explain it. You’re stuck at home. It’s already an hour past your regular bedtime. You press  Play Next Episode. After all, you’re working in your pjs anyway, there’s no need to get up early.  So you go into the kitchen to freshen up that quarantini and boom, mister creepy crawly is there doing his normal thing on the bar. You just never knew it because they keep different hours than you. After you drown that sucker in Raid, you grab the ipad, and find a pest control company.

AC Companies

This one seems to be twofold. All of our HVAC customers sell indoor air purifiers. To be clear, these purifiers are not known to kill Covid-19. They do kill many other viruses like the flu and SARS though. So people are installing them just in case.

I was on a call the other day with twenty-three other business owners. The AC member in the group is a digital marketing client of ours. He mentioned they had some air purifiers in stock. Because they are a client, we see the requests come through their website in real time. Within five minutes of him saying he had air purifiers, we saw two requests for quotes come through the website. And I know that wasn’t a coincidence, because those two orders were both from people on the same call I was. They must have immediately muted their microphones and ordered them on the website.

Anyway, the other reason this quarantine has been good for business is much more obvious. A lot of people are figuring out that their house is too hot during the day. So what do they do? Call for someone to come service their AC system.

What do you do as a business owner trying to survive the quarantine?

So people are going online and buying services that are essential or improve their quality of life. I would definitely consider a cool and bug free household an essential. And I don’t know about you, but a pool, hot tub and outdoor kitchen in the back yard would make this whole thing a lot more enjoyable.

Look at your business and see what services you have that might be of interest to people that are stuck at home. And then advertise it online. And don’t feel guilty. No one is forcing anyone to use your services. Also, I think most people recognize that we’re in this together, and we need to help each other in any way we can. If your customers get a service that makes their time at home more bearable, and you keep your doors open, isn’t that exactly what we’re doing?

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