What do many Small Business Websites and Model Airplanes have in common?

How your small business website design is like a model airplane kitI was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for a company advertising professional looking small business website design that a business owner could create themselves.

The example website design they showed in the commercial did indeed look professional. So professional in fact, that as someone that has been in the business of website design for many years–my first website was “Best Viewed in Netscape 3.0 or Higher!”–it occurred to me that there was no way it could have been created by a small business owner without knowledge of typography, photography, layout, color theory, etc. In short, it was created by a designer.

And just to be clear, I don’t just mean the template that you start with–you would expect professionals to have created that–I mean the website design example that they were showing for a florist. Certainly a small florist’s website could have an awesome logo, carefully considered typography, a clever call to action, and beautiful photography, but most probably don’t if they were created by the business owner or one of their employees.

It takes a professional to make your small business website design generate leadsIt reminded me of the model airplanes I used to build when I was a kid. I loved those little planes, and I got pretty good at building them too. I would put the decals on exactly like they said in the instructions, paint the pilots with little yellow helmets and green goggles, and try to match the paint scheme on the box exactly, but my models–as proud of them as I was–were never even close to as cool as the picture on the box. Even as a kid I had no doubt that the tangle of gray plastic in the box could be built, decal-ed and painted in such a way that it would look like the model on the box, but not by me, it would be by someone with years of experience in painting models, volumes of reference books, a vast knowledge of weathering techniques, and probably an airbrush.

Basically, The model plane company was not telling me the same thing this DIY website design company was not telling small business owners: “It takes a lot of experience to make yours look this good.”

That’s because both companies know the advertising should make their respective products look as good as they possibly can. In the case of a model airplane, meh, maybe it’s a little disappointing, but they’re still fun to build. But when you’re building a website that is intended to bring customers to your small business, it matters.

We see these websites come in here to Drive Group occasionally, the potential client is generally frustrated because the website is not generating business for them, and honestly, we’ve seen some that are so bad, if the website is getting any traffic, it is more than likely hurting the business because it looks so unprofessional.

It’s no wonder that so many small business owners basically give up on relying on their websites as a way to generate leads, it’s because so many of the sites out there have not been created by a professional with the intention of generating leads for the business.

If you are a small business owner and are considering improving or redesigning your website, you may be thinking it’s too expensive to hire a pro. You may be surprised at how affordable it can be to get a basic website with guaranteed traffic and search results.

We can deliver, we guarantee it. Give Drive Group a call.

avatar1Bill Payne is the owner of Drive Group. A web design firm based in Ormond Beach, Florida. He has been designing and coding websites and online advertising since 1996. A second Generation Floridian, Bill also enjoys all of the other activities Central Forida has to offer, particularly fishing, surfing and golf.

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